The Rural and Mountain Communities


Equitable distribution of resources and services to rural communities is paramount and is not unique to our counties; the entire state has rural communities much like our own who have been neglected by their elected officials. We must guarantee that these communities have a sense of autonomy and control over their future. We must guarantee that no matter how far out of the city limits you reside, you are not alone, we are one community.




As a teacher, education is my passion, profession and priority. We must expand and strengthen pre-K education and make it available to all families, especially those in rural communities. We must also introduce more trade job training into High Schools to improve the qualifications of our outgoing students and increase their probabilities of success.




Housing is a human right. I believe in housing for all, affordable housing is relative when you have nothing to your name. We must strive to reintegrate and rehabilitate the homeless, especially families and the youth by prioritizing mental health and education.


LGBTQ Rights and Equality


We will make all of Riverside County a safe space for LGBTQ families. We will encourage foster families by furthering new family training, assistance and orientation. We must provide LGBTQ Sensitivity training to all government employees to guarantee equal and fair treatment is given to our constituents. Our government will be one that promotes love and will not tolerate intolerance.


Local Economy

We must lower barriers to entry such as excessive fees for all small businesses so that they may be competitive against larger corporations. The backbone of a healthy local economy is a capable workforce; we will broaden job training programs so our residents can expand their work field and find work that nurtures and improves their quality of life.



In 2016, Prop 64 legalized Cannabis in California yet as of today not a single cultivation permit has been issued by Riverside County. This is because our Board of Supervisors effectively re-criminalized all small farmers by issuing a pay-to-play scheme that excludes small farmers and local entrepreneurs from the legal market. This negligent legislation has cost the taxpayers of Riverside county tens of millions of dollars and deprived residents of great potential tax revenue. I will introduce inclusive legislation that will stimulate rural economies and tourism by allowing small farmers into the legal market. We must continue to work so that the original intention of the law is upheld: patient’s access to medicine.


•Job security for Cannabis business employees

•Low cost and accessible medicine for veterans

•Low barriers to entry for farmers and small business

•Incentivize environmentally friendly farming practices

•Access to Cannabis as an end-of-life treatment in medical institutions








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