The Rural and Mountain Communities


Equitable distribution of resources and services to rural communities is paramount and is not unique to our counties; the entire state has rural communities much like our own who have been neglected by their elected officials. We must guarantee that these communities have a sense of autonomy and control over their future. We must guarantee that no matter how far out of the city limits you reside, you are not alone, we are one community.


Public Education


As a teacher, education will always take center stage, and in a district so vast as our own there is much the State can do to support under served communities with pre-K education, afterschool programs and trade job training. Just as the armed forces recruit in our high schools, we should equally allow the opportunity to labor unions to offer our youth alternative career options. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to college, I always wanted to, but there are those who would rather not pursue higher education, and they play a very important role in society which should be addressed with quality job training and education of its own so everyone has a shot at success.




Prop 64 became law in 2016; nearly 4 years later less than 30% of California’s Cannabis cultivators are legally permitted, unregulated markets compete with the legal industry and patients are paying for it. We must continue to work so that the original intention of the law is upheld: patient’s access to medicine.


•Job security for Cannabis patients and users

•Low barriers to entry for farmers and small business

•Incentivize environmentally friendly farming practices

•Access to Cannabis as an end-of-life treatment in medical institutions across the State